The mission of Grid Emergency is to spark a chain reaction of people learning about the grid problem; doing essential preparation; doing advocacy to get the government to prepare for those who won’t; and telling others that you care about so that the chain reaction spreads across the United States and Canada.

GridEmergency.Org was created by Tim Cimino. Tim lives in Pittsburgh and has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Carnegie-Mellon University. He happened to watch a video in early October, 2014 about the problem. After some research, he decided that the threat was real and that America had no fallback plan. He then did some personal “prepping,” but soon realized that prepping alone would never be enough. People in need would try to take what he had.

After brooding about the situation, Tim came up with the three-part strategy described on the “Grid-Emergency Solution” page. He also decided that since many people were already stressed from other things, he would design the website and steps to be as stress-free as possible.

Tim welcomes the help of others to improve and build GridEmergency to the point where a chain-reaction of awareness and preparation takes off and spreads across the country. Their names and roles will be found here.

Rather than making this a full-time job, Tim has pointedly decided that this is only a volunteer project. Once he has done his personal preparation, and urged friends and family to follow suit and pass on this information, he will move on with his life. He encourages others not to dwell on the situation either, but to take action to “insure” themselves, and then move on with their lives.

After the website is optimized, Tim plans to rely on: EMPACT America and other experts for updates on legislation; on government leaders at DHS and FEMA for updates on recovery planning; and on NERC and other industry representatives for progress reports on the shielding of the grid.

If you liked this solution to a national problem, you might appreciate Tim’s other creative problem solving. He has created many powerful world-scale solutions and methods at GroupGenie.Org.

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