Ways to Help

Why it helps you tremendously to connect to us

You get four benefits from connecting to us via Facebook, Twitter, or by subscribing to this website:

  • You’ll quickly learn about important upgrades to the program, especially strategies that make participation easier, faster and less stressful!
  • The more that people subscribe, like or follow, the more others will be persuaded that this is a viable and growing approach. That ultimately increases your security.
  • On Facebook and Twitter you get an idea of how fast we are growing. You can get a sense of support by hearing how other people are preparing and taking action.
  • Sometimes we might issue a call for advocacy, to get government to take action. The more followers we have, and the more people who do the quick advocacy actions, the faster the country becomes prepared.

By the way, we plan not to overwhelm you with communications. In general, we believe that going through the steps is 95% of what you need to do!



If you are going to do just one thing, we recommend connecting by Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com/gridemergency and become a friend.

Subscribing to our website

If you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, please subscribe to the website. We will send out mostly the same information via posts, so there’s no need to subscribe if you’re on Facebook. To subscribe, go to any page but the homepage and subscribe in the box on the right, by entering your email.


We plan to get on Twitter, we probably won’t be as active as on Facebook. But you can follow us at  https://twitter.com/gridemergency

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