This page has links to some recommended videos with comments to help you know what to expect. The videos are in two broad sections: videos about the problem, and videos about the solution — mostly about preparation. The first group of videos will probably increase your stress. But the second group of videos will help you realize that preparation and telling others are not that hard to do.


Videos about the problem

EIS Council Summit Video [12 people briefly talk about the problem] 4:11

In this 4-minute video from the Electric Infrastructure Security Council summit in 2013 you’ll hear 12 people with serious credentials talk about various threats to the grid. The first minute is a long introduction and can be skipped by those in a hurry.

Ted Koppel talks about the threats to the grid on PBS 6:52

Ted Koppel is an award-winning TV journalist who has written a book about the threat to the electric grid called Lights Out. In this video he talks on PBS about what the government hasn’t done to protect us, and briefly about what people should do to protect themselves. Although this video is from 2015, you can find a 57-minute video from 2018 in which he goes into more detail.

Fox News and MSNBC both agree: the threat is real 7:04 and 6:38

Because many people tend to dismiss certain news sources, here I pair a conservative and liberal news channel. Their videos are almost the same length and are both from 2015. They say pretty much the same things about the threats to the power grid that we depend on. Here’s the Fox News video and here’s the MSNBC video

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks talks about the threat in 2011 10:50

Congressman Trent Franks makes a sobering presentation about the EMP threat that could permanently destroy transformers. An EMP is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that a high-altitude nuclear weapon will generate. He also talks about the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan — due in part to no electricity. If you’re in a hurry, just watch the first five minutes, to 5:10. Note that Congress knew many years ago, but still vulnerable. (See some recent military documents on the Informational Resources page.)

Videos about solutions and what to do

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