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There is a mega-threat to the United States and Canada that could lead to a near-doomsday situation. On this website, we help you to understand the problem and take action as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll soon be able to feel good rather than stressed about this problem.

A huge insight that we’ve had is that it’s better to think of this situation as an insurance situation rather than a potential doomsday situation. You do certain things to insure yourself, and then you’re covered. Our approach is super-efficient! In about 15 hours, you can do everything:

Learn about the problem // learn the options for protecting yourself // do essential preparation // inform close friends and family // do a few advocacy actions to spur the government to act // connect with us to receive updates

Below are 11 steps that walk you through this process. The first step takes you to the “Coping Emotionally” webpage. At the end of that webpage is a link to the next page in the sequence. You are guided through the website, from problem to solution. If you’d like to explore the website on your own, you can always return here for the steps.

The steps are:

1.   Learn how to cope emotionally and help others cope. You’ll learn about the strong emotions people often have. You’ll also learn three GridEmergency themes that minimize negative emotions.  (5-10 minutes)

2.  Fully understand the problem and its urgency. This step includes becoming 100% sure that the electric grid is vulnerable, and understanding why the government is currently unable to rescue and protect everyone.  (1 hour)

3.  Understand the options for fixing the problem and/or protecting yourself. We review all the options, and explain why we think our solution is the fastest and best.  (30 minutes)

4.  Commit to whatever option you think is best.  This step also involves deciding the priority this should have in your schedule. This step also includes getting personal support if you want, so that you follow through.  (30 minutes)

5.  Do the most essential preparation, taking about 3-4 hours.

6.  Learn how to talk about the grid situation to others, in a way that’s not overwhelming, but that helps them to take meaningful action quickly. Then communicate this to friends and out-of-town family. (We ask you to contact at least seven people that you care about, taking about three hours.)

7.  Do advocacy to get the government to rapidly develop a rescue plan, and to force electric utilities to better shield the grid.  (1 hour)

8.  Plug into GridEmergency (email, Facebook or Twitter) on our “Join Us” page. Then you can get updates, and also post if you wish.  (15 minutes.)

9.  Do more preparation. (2-3 hours)

10.  Follow-up with family and friends to remove any obstacles to meaningful action. Encourage them to commit to whatever approach they think is best.  (2 hours)

11. Support family and friends to pass on this approach and information to others. This leads to a chain reaction of preparation and telling others so that the nation becomes prepared.  (2 hours)

Those are the steps!


We urge you to begin these steps now, and finish them as soon as you can. Please consider this semi-urgent! To start, begin reading our page called Coping Emotionally.

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