When people realize that they are vulnerable, they often panic and become emotionally stressed. Those who take action often “jump” at the first solution they think of.  Unfortunately, most solutions are inadequate.

We want people to take time to think carefully about potential solutions. We’ve created two webpages of solutions. On one page we mention every inadequate solution we can think of, even some far-fetched ones. We explain why each of them either falls short, is too expensive, or would probably take years.

On the other page, we explain our solution. We believe it’s the single best solution — because it’s inexpensive, relatively fast, and it protects the whole country. If anyone comes up with a better solution, we’re not proud; we will endorse that solution and notify our subscribes and Facebook friends right away.

We want people to be familiar with all the solutions so that they can make an optimal choice. If you don’t choose the GridEmergency solution, that’s fine. We just want people to take action on whatever solution they choose.

People doing our steps have a choice. You can read either of the following pages first, but we’d like you to read both Inadequate Solutions and the GridEmergency Solution. These are also available through the drop-down menu.


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