Preparedness Resources

This site is still very new. Right now, we offer two videos, two free resources and a handful of websites. That will be more than enough for most people. Later, we’ll add more. (We welcome suggestions for resources.)



How to Prepare for an EMP.  This 3:31 minute video is very direct and a bit overwhelming.  But he packs in a lot of information and things to think about. The vlogger does not cover how to protect yourself personally, however. He’s also wrong about all insulin requiring refrigeration. (Diabetics should research this.)

Protecting Your Electronics with a Home-Made Faraday Cage   This 11-minute video explains how to shield your back-up electronics. It’s essentially a metal trash can sealed with aluminum tape. You can watch it all, or skip to the 9:00 minute point to listen to his conclusions. Make sure what’s inside is not in direct contact with the metal. Use cardboard or plastic to insulate electronics. (This is a minor part of preparation. Food, water, medicine, sanitation, etc., should take priority.)



Are You Ready?   A preparedness guide for many kinds of disasters, created by FEMA.

The LDS Preparation Manual.   2011.  Not published by the Mormons, but apparently compiled by a member of that church using many other sources.

“The Prepper’s Conundrum: To Bug In or Out?”  This article does a good job of considering all the factors that go into making the decision of whether or not to leave.



The Survival Mom  ( has an excellent list of free resources, HERE.

AmericanPreppersNetwork.Com  This website will likely cause overwhelm. Perhaps the best use of this website (and ones like this) is to help you realize that complete preparation is tremendously time-consuming and expensive — and almost impossible. While some preparation is strongly recommended, the ultimate solution to the electric grid’s vulnerabilities is to get our government and utilities to strengthen and shield the grid.


Note: If you are doing the Start-up Steps, and you’ve made an initial plan for preparing yourself, please continue on to the next step, Telling Others.

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