Preparation and Resilience Contest Begins. Prepare and maybe win $100!

To help motivate people to become more prepared and resilient, soon I will be awarding three people $100 each. People can register anytime in February. Once they register, they’ll have four weeks (28 days) to do as much preparation and informing of others as they can. One of the requirements for participation is to send me four brief weekly reports of what they’ve done that week. People can do this either through email or text. I will respond in the same way, usually with encouragement and praise for their efforts!

I’ll also be happy to answer questions that people have about preparation.

Since some people won’t register till February 28th, it won’t be until around March 28th that I begin to judge and verify participation. So, depending on the number of participants, winners will be announced around April 2nd. Winners will be paid by money order.

Official contest rules and details can be found at

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