How to do very inexpensive disaster preparation for long-term catastrophes: Blitz Prep 2.0 [It’s Free!]

I just completed a major revision of Blitz Prep. This 28 page free PDF will enable the serious user to prepare for nearly any disaster. While there are many websites and books that offer insight for preparation, here are four things that make Blitz Prep unique:

* It’s extremely low-cost. Many websites and guides expect you to spend thousands of dollars. This is $400 to $500 per person for three months.

* It’s super-fast! Instead of spending 40 to 200 hours you spend less than 10-15 hours.

* I go into extra detail that simplifies and speeds up your purchasing decisions.

* Because you can do it so fast, it’s less emotionally stressful. You quickly get to the point where you feel secure, prepared and ready for nearly anything.

Here’s the link to the PDF:BLITZPREP 2.0

Blitz Prep is meant to be used with the Preparation and Resilience Guide, another free document. Blitz Prep quickly tells you what you need to get and why. The Preparation and Resilience Guide goes into more detail about how to use the materials, and also presents more detail on preparation.

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