Grid Emergency is changing into Simply Prepare!

The focus is essentially the same: Educate and encourage people to prepare for any long-term disaster. But instead of just educating people about the U.S. electric grid vulnerability, I’m including other potentially catastrophic events: pandemics, major regional earthquake, a global economic meltdown, limited nuclear war, a super-volcano eruption, and so on. The good news is that if you prepare for a long-term electrical power outage, you are 90-95% prepared for almost any mega-catastrophe.

So I plan to soon expand the Preparation Guide that I wrote in 2017, increasing it by about 20% It will be renamed the Preparation and Resilience Guide. The contents will reflect the broader focus, the “one preparation for almost any disaster” approach.

Please be patient with the website content. It will take a while to re-write the pages. However, I do think that a long-term power outage or a major pandemic are still the mega-disasters with the greatest chances of happening. — Yet still, a central theme is to “prepare and then move on with your life.”

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