How to do very inexpensive disaster preparation for long-term catastrophes: Blitz Prep 2.0 [It’s Free!]

I just completed a major revision of Blitz Prep. This 28 page free PDF will enable the serious user to prepare for nearly any disaster. While there are many websites and books that offer insight for preparation, here are four things that make Blitz Prep unique:

* It’s extremely low-cost. Many websites and guides expect you to spend thousands of dollars. This is $400 to $500 per person for three months.

* It’s super-fast! Instead of spending 40 to 200 hours you spend less than 10-15 hours.

* I go into extra detail that simplifies and speeds up your purchasing decisions.

* Because you can do it so fast, it’s less emotionally stressful. You quickly get to the point where you feel secure, prepared and ready for nearly anything.

Here’s the link to the PDF:BLITZPREP 2.0

Blitz Prep is meant to be used with the Preparation and Resilience Guide, another free document. Blitz Prep quickly tells you what you need to get and why. The Preparation and Resilience Guide goes into more detail about how to use the materials, and also presents more detail on preparation.

We have a new logo!

I worked with graphic designer Denista Kirova to create a new logo to go with the new program and website name. Here it is:

Check marks symbolize accomplishment. A series of check marks usually mean progress. Creating and using a list is a simple way to be organized and to “hit all the bases.” All these things aim to help users of the website and program have positive feelings about their participation.

I was very grateful to Denitsa for her skill and help with this.

Preparation and Resilience Contest Begins. Prepare and maybe win $100!

To help motivate people to become more prepared and resilient, soon I will be awarding three people $100 each. People can register anytime in February. Once they register, they’ll have four weeks (28 days) to do as much preparation and informing of others as they can. One of the requirements for participation is to send me four brief weekly reports of what they’ve done that week. People can do this either through email or text. I will respond in the same way, usually with encouragement and praise for their efforts!

I’ll also be happy to answer questions that people have about preparation.

Since some people won’t register till February 28th, it won’t be until around March 28th that I begin to judge and verify participation. So, depending on the number of participants, winners will be announced around April 2nd. Winners will be paid by money order.

Official contest rules and details can be found at

Grid Emergency is changing into Simply Prepare!

The focus is essentially the same: Educate and encourage people to prepare for any long-term disaster. But instead of just educating people about the U.S. electric grid vulnerability, I’m including other potentially catastrophic events: pandemics, major regional earthquake, a global economic meltdown, limited nuclear war, a super-volcano eruption, and so on. The good news is that if you prepare for a long-term electrical power outage, you are 90-95% prepared for almost any mega-catastrophe.

So I plan to soon expand the Preparation Guide that I wrote in 2017, increasing it by about 20% It will be renamed the Preparation and Resilience Guide. The contents will reflect the broader focus, the “one preparation for almost any disaster” approach.

Please be patient with the website content. It will take a while to re-write the pages. However, I do think that a long-term power outage or a major pandemic are still the mega-disasters with the greatest chances of happening. — Yet still, a central theme is to “prepare and then move on with your life.”

Read our new 3-page overview of the problem and solution!

I revised our 3-page overview. It’s called “15 to 20 hours could save your life — and your country.” With this document and the 40-page Preparation Guide PDF, you have the most important two parts of the website!  This summary would be my first pick to read, and also to send to family and friends.

You can download the PDF here: 3-PAGE DESCRIPTION.

Our Preparation PDF is available for free!

The free PDF is 40 pages.  It was written in 2017.  It covers all the basics (water, food, medications, sanitation, staying warm, and defense) but it also has sections on how not to become emotionally overwhelmed and how to maintain morale. New materials include a section on feeding infants; a section on protecting yourself from radiation; how to build an evaporation “refrigerator”(for diabetics); and a handy table of contents.

There was one mistake that needs to be changed in the next version. It suggested using wasp spray as a form of defense, since the spray shoots 20 feet.  This is not recommended any more.  It could be harmful.  Instead, an option is purchasing a pepper spray that shoots several feet.

Here’s the link to the full PDF:

Preparation Guide

While some preppers know all this stuff, I think that most people will find this just the right amount of information to get all the essentials worked out. You don’t have to plow through a whole book. You don’t even have to buy a book. I think that most people will be delighted with this free resource.

The PDF Slide Show is really a condensed book (and is newly revised!)

The PDF slide show keeps getting improved.  The revised introduction on page 3 describes it as a condensed book of 5,700 words.  That would be about 19 typed pages.

I’m very pleased that the PDF covers so much in so few words.

This version has a new page with the detailed steps of how to purify water with bleach, on page 63.

It was also edited again by a volunteer, Barry Kepp from St. Louis.  (In addition two others were hired from, and they gave some valuable tips that went into this edition including actual clickable links.)  The Green Zone treatment was also toned down without losing any useful tips. (page 72)

There’s even a new cartoon about advocacy on page 78.

With all this, the PDF was shortened from 101 slides back to 99.  Here’s the link! Grid slide show 1-20-15